Tuesday, 19 February 2013

February 19, 2013 Card of the Day

Good Morning My Dear Friends! My goodness I looked out our kitchen windows this morning only to find the most magnificent sunrise. Ah what an absolutely blessed way to greet the morning.



Card of the Day ~Harmony~ Conflict is resolved in a situation that was troubling you. Know that you deserve this peace and happiness, and accept it graciously. Let go of viewing the situation as troubled, and see yourself and others through the eyes of your guardian angels. In this way, you’ll look past the surface and see the beauty and light that eternally shines within everyone.

Everybody has struggles in their life which; are life lessons. Maybe you got a flat tire on the way to work in the rain. Perhaps you lost your job or your relationship is at a breaking point. We are given these lessons in life to see the silver lining or blessings no matter how small or large they may be. We are given the opportunity to see everything in a different light. What could be the blessing of a flat tire in the rain on the way to work? In my experience it was my guardian angel saving me from a tragic accident on the highway. How can losing my job be a blessing? Something better is coming your way that will pay more with benefits and your boss appreciates you. Where do I see blessings in my relationship falling apart? You have the opportunity to heal yourself and possibly your loved one, you get a chance to communicate and see your partner’s point of view instead of just thinking of yourself. If the relationship parts know you will heal in time and know that the relationship played the part in your life that you needed. When your heart is broke it’s hard to see the blessings and opportunities however; even if you can see a small flicker of light it’s that is the first phase of your healing. I speak out of experience my dear friends. Always call on your angels to help you and your path to healing will run much smoother. I love you all.

Peace & Light

~Tina Starkey~
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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