Wednesday, 20 February 2013

February 20, 2013 - Card of the day

Good Morning Dear Friends!

I woke this morning to a crystal white frost covering the grass, cars, homes and plants. It’s a divine fresh crisp smell…LOVELY! Ah the glorious taste of my morning hot coffee is definitely stimulating my body to attention…lol


Today’s card is ~Oceana~ Take action. You’re in touch with your truth in this situation, and you need to trust your gut and lovingly assert yourself.” Have you ever been in a situation and all the sudden your stomach starts to tighten up like a vice has a grip? That is your intuition telling you this is not a good situation or the person you are talking to is lying. Have you ever been in a situation where your stomach felt relaxed? That is your intuition telling you this is a good place to be in right now. Get back in touch with your body and listen to it because your body will guide you.

Is there something in your life you want to do but you doubt yourself? Stop doubting yourself and do it. You know you can do it. Don’t let the chatter in your head stop you from your dreams. If we all lived our lives by “What if this happens and What if that happens” nobody would inspire to achieve their goals in life. Sure we all get nervous and that’s perfectly normal. The most important fact is you are getting out and achieving your dreams. I don’t know you however; I’m proud of you! I’m proud of you just for being the magnificent person you are in life.

So get out there my friends and achieve your dreams and goals. I love you all.

Peace & Light

~Tina Starkey~

Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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