Thursday, 16 May 2013

May 16, 2013 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends!
Card of the Day ~Heart Chakra~ The answer that you seek is in your heart right now. Be open to giving and receiving love. The angels want you to trust your feelings. Your heart is wise, and it’s calling for you to make important changes. Trust this wisdom, as it won’t let you down. Every time you defy your inner feelings, your heart breaks a little bit. Repair your heart and your relationship with yourself by honouring your emotions. For instance, if you’re unhappy with a situation, it means that something is wrong and action is necessary. Ask the angels to give you courage and support to make healthy changes at home and work. This card also calls upon you to open your heart to love. Perhaps you’ve been hurt in prior relationships and are guarded against additional pain. The angels assure you that they’ll protect you and your heart, so it’s safe for you to feel love and other emotions.
Everybody has experienced a broke heart due to a broken relationship, someone betraying us that was very close to us, saying something hurtful or our loved one has passed away. We make ourselves a solid promise that we will never love anybody ever again because the pain was too much to bear. I’ve been there too many times. In fact I held my heart back from falling in love because I was so terrified of being hurt again. Love is pure and we are supposed to love naturally without constraints. You have to allow the angels to help you heal from the broke heart and then when you enter into a new relationship allow yourself to feel freely. You must remember that the things that hurt us are also the most powerful lessons in our life. With the lessons and experiences we are able to help others. Remember heal and release, don’t hold onto the pain. Have a wonderful day. I love you all!
Peace & Love
~Tina Starkey~
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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