Saturday, 11 May 2013

May 11, 2013 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends! One of the most important things we must do in order to heal is to cut ties with the past and with things that no longer fit in our lives. Today’s guidance will help you do that very thing.

Card of the Day ~Cut Your Cords~ Ask Archangel Michael to clear any old attachments to fear that stem from past relationships, freeing your from destructive patterns. This card jumped out of the deck because negativity connected to a past relationship is interfering with the situation you’ve inquired about. Everybody has negative yuck they need to rid themselves of! Fortunately, this toxic energy can be easily vanquished with the help of Archangel Michael, the powerful angel who will release you from the effects of fear. Anytime your partner experiences fear within your relationship, a cord (similar to a leash made out of hollow tubing) is attached to both of you. You may have cords (most people do) connecting you to your parents (living or deceased); siblings’ lovers’ those whom you’ve helped, such as students or clients; and anyone with whom you’ve shared a significant relationship. Cords are nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. They just need to be cut, as they can drain your energy and be the culprit behind physical pain.
One thing I do in the morning before I do anything is say my prayers. As I’m saying my prayers I ask for all Etheric cords to be cut. I work with people everyday and it does get draining because everybody needs help with something. There is no shame in needing and asking for help. So be sure to always call on Archangel Michael to help you even with the smallest thing..I sure do. Enjoy your day my dear friends. I love you all!
Peace & Love
~Tina Starkey~
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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