Thursday, 27 July 2017

July 27, 2017 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends! 

Card of the Day ~Past Life~ {Gifts – Review} This card is asking you to recognize the gifts you have acquired throughout this lifetime and others. It is time to remember those lessons you’ve learned on your soul path in order to bring them into the present for the highest good of all concerned. This card also asks you not to dwell on past-life experiences. Don’t discount the lessons you are learning in this lifetime. Exercise free will, take responsibility, and live in the now. 

Something interesting I’ve learnt by watching animals is they don’t dwell on the past like humans do. They learn from their experiences however; they live in the moment everyday of their lives. They don’t hold onto anger, regrets, depression or fear. They simply are aware of their surroundings but love is something they hold onto all the time. They love their pack or family. So learn from your experiences but don’t hold onto the emotions...release and live.

I pray you have a fantastic day. I love you all! 

Peace & Love 

~Tina Starkey~ 
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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