Thursday, 15 September 2016

September 15, 2016 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends! 

Card of the Day ~Archangel Michael~ You are reading about this card today because Archangel Michael wishes to work with you and your divine mission. Michael can be with you and everyone simultaneously, as he’s unlimited and nondenominational. He helps anyone who asks, especially if you have a life purpose to help the earth (which you and all Indigos do!) As the giver of strength, Archangel Michael reminds you of your role on Earth. 

He helps you release fear and have a healthy level of self-confidence. Call upon him anytime you are afraid, and know that you are immediately protected by the grace of Heaven. Ask Archangel Michael to guide your decisions based on your purpose, instead of fear, and rest assured that he will lead you to your highest potential. Whenever you feel alone, afraid, or vulnerable, allow the power of this magnificent angel to bring a comforting sense of protection to you. 

I know firsthand the comfort and protection that Archangel Michael offers us because I’ve called on him many times in my life. He has never let me down. He always answers our prayers so keep your heart and mind open to receive his guidance. I pray you have a spectacular day my friends. I love you all! 

Peace & Love 

~Tina Starkey~ 
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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