Friday, 29 April 2016

April 29, 2016 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends! 

Card of the Day ~King of Earth~ Situations: This is a successful time. Your current projects will go well. You may be promoted or offered a higher salary. Your talents and skills will bring rewards for you and others. Accept the opportunities offered you and have confidence that you’ll succeed!

People: Someone with outstanding business skills who is good with money and can provide excellent advice. A person who has been successful in a career and now enjoys the finer things in life. Professional. Generous. Responsible. Practical. Competent.

In general what this card is stating is this is a successful time and for you to confidently accept opportunities you’re offered. The doors are being opened for you, all you have to do is walk through. Have an abundant filled day. I love you all! 

Peace & Love 

~Tina Starkey~
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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