Saturday, 12 March 2016

March 12, 2016 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends! 

Card of the Day ~ You Are Profoundly Clairvoyant~ Trust what you see in your mind’s eye as well as with your physical sight, for your spiritual vision helps you with healing, teaching, and guidance. The angels send you this card to help you trust the visions you receive in your mind’s eye during dream time, as well as the signs that you physically see (such as recurring numbers, feathers, coins, flashes of light, and so forth). Since the Creator is all-seeing, it stands to reason that you (and everyone else) would inherit the gift of spiritual sight. If your gift seems blocked, the cause may be a painful past experience that the angels can help you heal and release. 

Know that it’s right for you to see clairvoyantly, as this blessing can be used to assist you with your healing and teaching work. Your clairvoyance also gives you continuous and accurate guidance, much like GPS electronic map in a car that guides you to the right destination. Trust what you see! Just like I tell everybody, we all have psychic abilities it’ just that we don’t understand them for the most part. If you read books that psychic’s have taken the time to write you will learn all the ways you are psychic. I pray you have a fabulous day. I love you all! 

Peace & Love 

~Tina Starkey~ 
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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