Wednesday, 20 November 2013

November 20, 2013 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends! Two cards jumped out of the deck at the same time wanting our attention.

First Card of the Day ~Archangel Michael~ This powerful Archangel is with you right now. He gives you courage and helps release you from the effects of fear. Through this card, Archangel Michael is making his presence known to you. He is the symbol of true courage, stemming from knowing that God’s love is the only power there is. Michael is letting you know that, as you make changes in your life and as you encounter challenges, you are safe and secure. God and the angels help you stay true to yourself during trying times. Have heart-to-heart discussions with Michael often. Pour out all of your concerns to him. Don’t worry about overburdening him. Michael, like all of the archangels, is able to be with everyone simultaneously who needs him. He has no limitations of time or space, so he can help you and others concurrently.

Second Card of the Day ~Guardian Angel~ Your guardian angels want you to know how much they love you right now. Your angels’ love is completely unconditional and all-encompassing. You are not alone. This card jumped out while being shuffled as a love letter from your guardian angels, who want you to know, “We’re right here. We have never left you and can never leave you.” Your guardian angels say that you deserve their help and attention. There is nothing that you could have ever thought, said, or done that could ostracize you from your Divine helpers. They never judge or abandon you for the mistakes you make. The angels are simply here to support you so that you can spiritually grow and help others.

It is a comfort to know that you have the most powerful Angel and you guardian Angel with you right now helping you with all that troubles you. You definitely are never alone even if you feel like it. Your prayers are always heard and answered however; you must remember there are multiple solutions to your prayers. God and the Angels will always answer your prayers to your higher good. I pray you all have a terrific day. I love you all!

Peace & Love

~Tina Starkey~
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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