Sunday, 20 October 2013

October 20, 2013 - Card of the Day

Good Morning My Divine Friends!

Card of the Day ~Aurora~ You are flying high right now, which may threaten others. But don’t descend, because others will soon become inspired by your example. Your intentions have created an upward trend in your life. New opportunities are coming your way, and your inner and outer self radiates this positive growth. You may worry that others will be jealous of your current and forthcoming success, so you will be sensitive about discussing your achievements. You may also worry about the future, about where your new path is taking you. You may wish for a guarantee of future success. I am here to help you enjoy the present, and the process of your new venture. Trust that each moment is taking care of itself. God has always taken care of you, and He always will. Ask me to help you stay focused on the now, and to let go of the worry habit so that you can enjoy these gifts. Gratitude is essential right now…to keep your flight at a high altitude.

We all worry about the future and what it may hold for us. We want to know if we will be taken care of and that our loved ones are taken care of. We are so focused on our worries that we forget to enjoy the moment we are in right now. When you are having a fantastic day do you actually stop and express your gratitude of how wonderful you feel in this moment and take it all in? We have no problem expressing our disdain when we are having it rough or things aren’t working out the way we hoped. Why do you suppose it’s so easy to express anger, hate, depression or any other lower level energy? Each of us always has a choice and that choice is we can choose to be miserable or happy. If you drop a glass of milk on the floor you can choose to take a deep breath, release any tension you may be feeling at that moment and just get what you need to clean it up and get yourself another glass of milk.  Or you can choose to yell, scream nasty words, scowl at everything and everyone around you making a huge unnecessary seen which; increases the negative energy and it also makes your day and everybody around you worse.

In fact I had such a day not to long ago. I was making tea and getting it ready to put in a thermos to keep it hot. Everything I tried to accomplish kept messing up. The first batch I made through the coffee maker so the tea tasted like tea-coffee YUCK! The second batch of tea I made when I poured it in the thermos the bottom of the thermos fell out and tea splashed all over the walls, counter and floor! I took a deep breath and thought about how lovely a cup of tea would taste so I proceeded to boil more water to make the third batch of tea while cleaning up the mess. The end result was I got to sit down and enjoy my tea with a smile on my face instead of being in a grumpy mood forgetting the joy of afternoon tea. I pray you all have a fantastic day. I love you all!

Peace & Love

~Tina Starkey~
Psychic-Medium Metaphysical Counselor

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